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Photo Caption: Qamar Mateen, of Chicago, leans out of a window of a trailer behind the stage to get a picture of South African activist Winnie Mandela as she gets into her car after speaking at the Million Women March.

The Midwest Region includes seventeen states plus Canada. Mama Qumar is/was also the offline Chicago, Il coordinator and Mama Khandi is/was the online Ohio website coordinator and website designer for over 90% of the websites of coordinators nationwide for the MWM. Mama Qumar did attend the MWM. Mama Khandi was unable to attend and did document the following Online Million Woman March Commentary:

MWM, My Observations, October 25, 32ADM, (97)

For those of us in Olentangy/Washitaw (columbus), Ohio, the send-off began at 4:30pm, October 24th at the Urban League building, 788 Mount Vernon Ave., Olentangy/Washitaw (cols.) OH. The press conference was well attended by many members of the press of all the major local networks. The TAKE OFF RALLY was hosted of all the major local networks. THE TAKE OFF RALLY was hosted by the local bus organizers & co-sponsors Motivational Institute, Inc. and APDS Africentric Personal Developement Shop. The entire community was invited to join in the spirit of unity as We celebrate, rally and TAKE OFF for the Million Woman March. The festive SEND OFF was in preparation of joining hundreds of thousands (and indeed millions) of women from across the world unifed in the spirit of Afrikan community empowerment! The 5-7 buses that departed from the Urban League, left approximately 9pm. There were many speakers at this rally/send off. The spiritual energy was high, chill bumps and smiles. The Million Woman March OUR SONG Theme Song was played over the loud speaker, folk were able to view the MWM National, state and local websites. 

Later the same evening (Oct. 24), at 8pm, the doors to APDS opened so that others could meet, eat, gather, rally, board the bus and depart for the Million Woman March. There are many speakers, libations, food and spiritual energy and yes, more chill bumps as everyone prepared for the journey. Again, folk were able to listen to the Million Woman March theme song and view the website for the National and local MWM (created by Mama Khandi). 

This writer, who attended the send offs, but did not go to Richard Allen City (filthydelphia), searched some 91 cable networks, to find no total coverage of the Million Woman March. During the Million Man March, CNN did an entired days coverage of blurbs of the March. The Million Woman March was merely covered in half-hour headline updates of some 1-3 minute blurbs. BET did NOT cover the March. OSU Public Broadcast station did have some mention in one of its early morning programs.

When the sistas from Olentangy/Washitaw (cols) Ohio arrived in Richard Allen City, they came into an energy of brainstorming, problem solving, and solution orientation that filled the streets mentally and spiritually as well as the obvious: physically. All week, since Monday, October 20, 32ADM (97), MWM seminars have taken place in Richard Allen City. The seminars are referred to as Strategies Toward Solutions. These sessions occurred in various parts of the city and included such themes as

Monday, October 20, 32ADM

    Education of Our Youth in Crisis... A Mandate for Active Solution,

Tuesday, October 21, 32ADM (97)

    Know Thyself, to Heal Thyself... Living and Loving it 

    Afrikan Women in the Diaspora and the penal system, are We prepared to them home?

    Reparations... for admitted atrocities against a Nation of People... will amerikkka com-

        pensate Afrikans born in amerikkka?

Wednesday, October 22, 32ADM (97)

    Afrikan women born in amerikkka as business and professionals equals... a Seat at

        the Table

    Women in Crisis

    Our Youth Generation X... A Product of our Failure of Focus?

    Knowledge is Power... Yamogochi... the Ninth Crown of Wisdom

Thursday, October 23, 32ADM (97)

    Domestic Abuse... Male/Female Conflicts: What are We Going to do about it?

Friday, October 24, 32ADM (97)

    Life after the Million Woman March... What's Next

Sistas from OSU who attended the Million Woman March


The 2 mile march, from the "liberty bell" to the Art Museum, began with the gathering of drummers in Richard Allen City at approximately 5 AM in the rain, dark and cold. Spirits were high and sistas marched into the daylight strong and full of energy. This writer has been watching and scanning cable stations since 5 AM, October 25 and coverage of the MWM was/is scarce at best. CNN has continued to provide the minimum of coverage that has occurred, approximately 1-3 minutes of coverage every half hour. CNN's white female correspondent Cynthia Tornquist and a white male correspondent Skip Loescher were the reporters chosen for coverage of the Million Woman March.  Skip kept stating that the objects of the March included investigation of the cia's involvement in drugs in the Afrikan community and independent Afrikan schools. They kept playing the same clip from the MWM founder and co-chair, Phile Chionesu's speech, as if she never said anything else!  Tornquist alludes that the tone of the March didn't become "more serious" until early afternoon. The unfortunate part of such commentary is the perspective. There are/were no Afrikan centered perspectives to their reporting. Tornquist never mentioned the seminars that took place all week, nor spiritual rituals that occurred in the wee hours of the morning, nor the Official Program of Speakers that does include various "celebrities".  She stated that there was not much publicity and that the MWM was organized and publicized by "flyers, word of mouth and the internet." CNN stated that MWM methods of publicizing the March was "unconventional promotions". As an Afrikan, in reflection, when has Afrikan promotions ever been "conventional?" When have We ever controlled media/seized the means of production? Rather absurd comment, actually.

Tornquist's emphasis seemed to be about participation of celebrities or the lack thereof. Also, Tornquist mentioned that Winnie Mandela is the link that internationalizes the struggle of Afrikan women globally. At 3:00 pm a different in-studio white female reporter began reporting. Thus, was the first mention of the 12 point platform of issues that included mentoring programs for teenage girls and independent Afrikan schools. Prior to her, the other two or three commentators never mentioned the MWM Platform Issues.

CNN reporters stated that filthydelphia government "officials" insist that only 300,000-500,00 Afrikan women attended the March. CNN reporter, Cynthia Tornquist, stated that she couldn't say for sure how many women are in attendance, but that she knows that she sees a sea of Black faces "as far as the eye can see."  A report about 3 generations attending the march was made about an elder's family. The elder was 100 years old.

A portion of Mama Winnie Mandela's speech was shown on CNN.  Throughout the day and evening, there were bits and pieces of the March not previously broadcasted. 12:30AM October 26, 32ADM, CNN presented more of Mama Winnie Mandela's speech. Winnie spoke of Afrikan women having "overcome the spiral of oppression, empowering ourselves.... unity, solidarity manifests our power." Until now, the same sound bites were played. Also, more of Maxine Waters speech about the cia bringing drugs into the Afrikan community and Winnie Mandela's political woes in Azania were mentioned by the CNN commentator.

3:30AM ... Commentator now says 300,000 to one million women were in attendance at the March and another Platform Issue, of Human Rights Abuses Against Afrikans, was mentioned. Reparations and POW's/political prisoners have yet to be mentioned.

9:14AM ... CNN reports that the Richard Allen City (filthydelphia) poLICE have stated that there were approximately 1.5 million people in attendance at the Million Woman March

10:00AM... CNN reports its final comments showing the same footage that they had been showing. No further reporting after that, that this writer saw. And i watched for another 3 hours before finally cutting of the tv.

October 26, 5:30PM... Sista Marpessa - Delaware MWM Co-coordinator emailed this: "just flicked onto CSPAN and Julia Wright with Pam Afrika beside her are indicting the u.s. government and the [filthydelphia] city and p.a. state government for attempted murder of Mumia Abu-Jamal and the MOVE organization and demanding freedom for PP/POW's on behalf of revolutionary women around the world. This is from the MWM yesterday, don't know if they are showing the whole thing or not".

This writer, Mama Khandi has also composed another commentary, titled, MWM, the Question of Why Only Afrikan Women? 

Sista Marpessa, Delaware Co-coordinator, hosted a MWM Survey Questionaire site.

MWM National hosted a Call for Video, Photos, Journal Entries for an International Record.








MILLION WOMAN MARCH DATA CENTRAL MWM must give serious PROPS to Sista Chinyere (Lilbitz), the original Midwest Regional Chairperson, for her 10 years of commitment in maintaining the MWM Data Central website. We thank you sis for keeping the flame lit!


Million Woman March 2.5 sistas turn out!

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Click on the MWM image on the left to view the video (.mov) clip of the Million Woman March in 32ADM (1997). This clip is compliments of CNN and after 10 years, the clip still exits on their site. Sista Phile Chionesu is speaking and an aireal view of the 2.5 million sistas in attendance can be seen. Enjoy! and Remember!

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